About Us

Our wonderful Indian Head Massage Community is growing every day with therapists gaining the benefits of shared knowledge and experience. It is run on a voluntary basis by Mary Atkinson and Amy Taylor with the help and support Giuliana Wheater, Bridget Prusik, Rachael Davenport and Sally Reynolds.

Amy Taylor

Amy’s philosophy is that when you take a step on the path of holistic therapies it is a journey that never ends and she constantly updates her own skills and industry knowledge to enable her to teach all the subjects that she loves to the highest standard.

Amy has three successful therapy companies, two very busy wellbeing centres: Purple Turtle Wellbeing in Brighton and Purple Turtle Therapy in Hove, East Sussex and the Purple Turtle Academy which provides inspiring courses in wellbeing and therapies. Here she found she could inject the enthusiasm and belief she has found for all her chosen holistic therapies into sharing her knowledge and passion with others.

Amy’s courses have developed with her personal experiences influencing her areas of speciality. She teaches workshops for self-development, VTCT qualifications to start a holistic career and CPD courses to keep therapists up to date with the latest industry trends. Her teaching has taken her around the world to leading salons, spas and wellbeing centres and her specialities include Indian Head Massage (of course!!), Reflexology, Pregnancy, Natural Facelift Massage, Holistic Facials and Deep Tissue Hands Free Massage.

Amy supports local colleges and often lectures to students on business having had so much experience on setting up and growing a holistic business. She was recently very proud to accept the Golden Alumni award from City College Brighton and Hove in 2015 for her work in this area.

You can visit Amy’s website here. Amy Taylor.

Mary Atkinson

Mary Atkinson is an award-winning complementary therapist and author of five books on massage including ‘Healing Touch for Children’, ‘Hand and Foot Massage’ and ‘The Art of Indian Head Massage’. The latter was one of the first books on Indian Head Massage, published in 2000.

Mary has been teaching Indian Head Massage since 2002 and runs her own FHT accredited Diploma in Indian Head Massage and CPD courses. She has worked for many years at a local hospice and has a special interest in therapies for palliative care and for the elderly.

In 2013, Mary launched the Story Massage Programme – which combines the benefits of nurturing touch with the creativity of storytelling. It is fun, interactive and inclusive for all ages and abilities. This Programme is now used internationally in schools, special schools, hospices, hospitals and within therapy clinics.

Mary has travelled widely sharing the benefits of Indian Head Massage and positive touch activities overseas including in the Dunkirk Refugee Camp, Empowering Women in Nepal, and with children after the tsunami in Japan.

You can visit Mary’s website here: Mary Atkinson.

Giuliana Wheater

Giuliana has been a therapist since 2004 with her own busy practice. She is founder of Therapies For Special Needs and Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation, two popular training programmes. She is author of Indian Head Massage for Special Needs, an inspirational and practical book for therapists, teachers and parents wishing to provide additional support for children and young adults with additional needs.

A mother to an autistic son who suffers with OCD, Giuliana has a unique perspective and a wealth of understanding and knowledge. She specialises in providing therapies in schools and academies all over the South West. She says she intends to stop children and young people with “special needs” being surrounded by a total lack of expectation, and to stop the discrimination to make schools more inclusive and supportive of anyone with a need, issue or difference.

Giuliana regularly write blogs and articles for organisations and publications, including for AutismEye and Nasen Publications. Her work has taken her all over the U.K. and Europe to train schools, charities and organisations. She has also appeared on BBC Radio several times as well as Women’s Radio where she was interviewed by Anna Kennedy OBE.

You can visit Giuliana’s website here: Giuliana Wheater.

Bridget Prusik

Bridget’s passion for complementary therapies began in 1993, and she has worked in the world of palliative and hospice care for over 25 years, working first a volunteer and then eventually as a full time employee at a hospice in Surrey. She says it was a real honour to be able to ‘grow’ and ‘share’ the amazing and nurturing discipline of Complementary Therapies with patients and their families and see the many benefits CT’s can offer.

She recently moved to Cornwall and is now part of a multi-disciplinary team in a local hospice, working in the community with neighbourhood hubs and running self-care workshops. Bridget says that the flexibility of Indian Head Massage is just so helpful in the Palliative Care world – whether adapting to use it on a patient in bed, in a wheelchair – or for someone who has had surgery or is having ongoing treatment

Bridget has many years teaching experience teaching complementary therapies at local colleges and centres. She now teaches Mary Atkinson’s IHM diploma course and always adds extra information on working in palliative care.

You can visit Bridget’s website here: Bridget Prusik. 

Rachael Davenport

Rachael Davenport is a passionate business mentor and complementary therapist. She has worked in many industries including as a mechanic and a teacher. Rachael initially dipped her toe into the complementary therapy world when she did an introductory reflexology course, which enabled her to bond with her first son 21 years ago and help with his colic.

When the opportunity arose 10 years ago to study and gain qualifications reflexology, massage and aromatherapy she felt like she had really come home. Fast forward 10 years and Rachael has a multi award winning successful complementary therapy centre Core Therapies in Folkestone as well as Core Therapies College LTD where she teaches ITEC Level 3 diplomas and CPD qualifications and a thriving business mentoring community.

Rachael is extremely passionate about the therapies she provides, especially Structural Rebalancing which has been described as gentle osteopathy and specialises in helping people with Frozen shoulder increase their range of movement and become pain free.

Rachael’s vision is to help as many therapists as possible build their businesses, grow their audiences and gain clients with ease, ensuring that as many clients as possible all over the world can benefit from the amazing range of therapies that we all provide.

You can visit Rachael’s website here: Rachael Davenport

Sally Reynolds

Giuliana and SallySally is a trained social work and counsellor with many years’ experience in training social workers and trainers. She also trained in Cruse Bereavement Care and became a trainer and supervisor with them. Her love of complementary therapies began in 1987 when she took a year out from her 4 year university course to study massage. She says this was the best decision she ever made and introduced her to Dorothy House Hospice in Bath where she worked as a volunteer therapist.

Sally first met Mary Atkinson when she attended her Complementary Therapy in Palliative Care course St Wilfrid’s Hospice in Chichester in 2004. Sally worked at the hospice as a Psychosocial worker and supported the complementary therapy team.

She continued to develop her skills with massage – adding On Site Massage, Hawaiian Massage and Indian Head massage.  She loves Indian Head massage for its flexibility and adaptability – she has been using it with carers and people with neurological disorders over the last two years.

Sally has recently been working with staff in the local hospital – massaging them on the wards or in their departments. Sadly, this had to stop due to Covid 19.

She is now teaching self-massage and self-care techniques online and has started a support group with a friend, for women who need a safe space to be nurtured.